Transformer blank cut to height line

  • Provide further transformer design and manufacture equipment
  • Foil winding machine
  • Winding Mandrel
  • Dry / Wet welder machine
  • Other equipment
Shung Dar industrail co., ltd. was established in 1982, starting from manufacture and trade of auto feeding equipment and well-known in all of the world, Machines manufactured by Shung Dar can effectively improve customer's working efficiency, because our R&D department is an outstanding and creativity work group to produce high-precision products that conform to the requirements of the industry.

SD cooperates with well-known transformer manufacture-ATKIN Automation limited to designs and produce high efficiency and easy-operated products TRANSFORMER BLANK CTL LINE. We, both companies research and develop flexible designs to meet customer's needs together for successfully increase the produce efficiency and worldwide competitively.

Standard type for AF-7CS~AF-12CS
  • Slide ways on models AF-7CS~AF-12CS employs round guide maximum wear resistance and added straightness accuracy, special bumper attachment for extra force
  • E Type electromagnetic valve is standard accessory
  • R type release valve is option for AF-7CS~AF-12CS

ABB Transformers Plc
Foil winding machine, 3 Coil Winders monophase 150mm wide Core cutting line
Emerson Electric
300mm wide Core cutting line

Electrolux - Sweden
Cut to length line
Hawker Siddeley Power Transformers Ltd
New control system for 1000mm Georg line Horizontal winding machine

Gec Alsthom
Press feed lines for electric motor laminations upgrade work on 1000mm Georg line vertical winding machines and Mandrels
Nei Parsons
800mm wide Servo swivel sheer line with twin diverting stacker for Silicon steel for Generator plates

Pauwels Trafo-Ireland
250mm wide Twin shear line with servo notch and hole punches, Twin diverter stacker. Step-lap capability. 800mm wide foil winder with cold welding 600mm wide foil Winder new computers and controls for Georg core cutting line trans welding fixtures Insulation cut to length line 800mm Wide foil winder with cold welding

Pauwels Trafo - Indonesia
800mm wide twin shear line with notch and hole punch and twin diverter stacker upgrade of line for step lap production
Thai Trafo - Thailand
Core building tables

Transfprmers & Rectifiers
450mm wide Servo swivel shear line with twin diverter stacker
Viltamp - Oman
500mm wide Foil winding machine