Competitive Pricing

It has been GMT Engineers endeavour to ensure value for money product for our customer. As the volume of machine is purchased in large numbers we control the quality and the parts used in the machine and get the best possible prices from our suppliers to ensure competitive price to our customers.

Technical Support

Once an order is placed we ensure the readiness of the customers factory to receive the machine, the placement of machine and supervise the machine on arrival at the customer’s site. Further, go through the pre-installation requirement and ensure machine is installed properly, trials are taken and training given to the user and maintenance department and post that we offer online and On-Site after sales service to ensure long life maximum output and satisfied experience for Customer.

Strict Quality Control

All machines are subjected to Strict Quality Control both at the factory and our Warehouse at chennai to ensure that the quality of the machine supplied by us is one of the highest standards.

Spare Parts

Critical Components and spare parts are stocked at our warehouse and can be shipped to the customer site at a moment’s notice to avoid sudden un-planned machine down time and also critical spares are maintained at the various branches for quicker (quick) access by our service personnel to service the machines in the event of a rare break down.